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Canceling an order:

Customer has only 3 hours (after placing the order) to cancel and receive 100% refund. Please be aware that once you've placed the order, there is ONLY a three-hour window of time during which you'll be able to cancel should you choose to do so. After two hours, you will NOT be able to cancel for any reason whatsoever, but may contact our customer service department to receive you store credit note to buy other set of items. Exception is orders of Daedo electronic equipment whether in stock or not CAN NOT and will not be Cancelled (NO EXCEPTIONS). Once we receive an electronic equipment order we pay our vendor/factory to manufacture and custom make it for you. There is NO possibility to cancel the order once you placed it and we process it.


ALL Daedo USA online and phone merchandise orders once placed, received and acknowledge by us Without exception including retail, wholesale orders, discounted dealers orders, special custom orders and international orders WILL NOT be issued or applied cash or credit card refunds of any kind. At best only store credit will be issued, Never Cash back!!! Electronic socks and all electronic equipment, Adidas, Nike,JCalicu, Fila, Mizuno products are NOT returnable/refundable under any circumstance (regardless if brand new-unused or the best excuse in the world) No exceptions!!!! NO STORE CREDIT- NO MONEY BACK. Please do not email us asking for refunds or try bogus chargebacks, All chargeback attempts are guarantee to lose since you were warned! Out-of-stock/back ordered of Daedo Electronic socks sizes & all Daedo electronic equipment and Nike, Mizuno, Fila gear (orders in pending status). CAN NOT be canceled simply because customer needs by a certain tournament date for a specific event or is tired of waiting. Daedo Electronics orders are considered 100% NON-CANCELABLE CUSTOM ORDER and there are NO CANCELLATIONS OR RETURNS ON ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS/CUSTOM ORDERS and waiting times may be up to 90 days. Nike, Fila, JCalicu, Mizuno products may take up to 25 business days to process.