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We are very careful in inspecting all our orders and attempt to contact our customers if we suspect fraud. Recently in Doral, Florida a band of internet-scammers operating in South America, rent mailboxes at a mail Depot and attempt to place orders with stolen credit cards.

If you have a legitimate address at the very same Mail Depot where these scammers are known to operate, unfortunately you may experience delays.


For legitimate reasons due to fraud are accepted and dealt with accordingly. HOWEVER,

CHARGEBACKS filed with credit card companies from our existing customers who don't want the products anymore, want to cancel, changed their mind, expected it delivered earlier or falsely claim product was NOT received will be rejected and fought back. If product is NOT received, customer agrees in the terms of sale to wait up to 45-60 days to receive the order. Customer CAN NOT arbitrarily decide

To protect against fraud, we usually require verification of card ownership and physical possession.

You may fax the order, credit card information including expiration date and card security code, a xerox of the front and back of the credit card, and the top of a cent statement to (702) 940-8029 

Information about credit card charges: o Declined transactions are "authorized" against your credit limit. No actual permanent charge is made. Authorizations usually expire within three days.

The "authorized" or "charged" amount of a purchase is "settled" against your credit card within two to three business days. o Credits to a credit card usually appear within three to five business days after submission. • Card Verification Number: o (CVN) is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that your card is in your possession. For Visa/Mastercard/Discover, locate the three-digit CVN number printed on the signature panel, back of card, far right.

For American Express, the four digit CVN number is imprinted on the front, right, above the account number. A processed order usually ships within one to five business days unless noted.

For temporarily out of stock items or delayed shipments, you will be contacted by e-mail or telephone. If an item is permanently unavailable, the charge will be voided or a complete refund will be made to your card. We will notify you if this occurs.

After a week that because the product has not arrived and they don't want it anymore, they will simply claim a chargeback of Product NOT received.

Customer may not claim ignorance or say not having read our policies before purchase or that we didn't tell him/her. It is the customer's responsibility to read. In fact before placing the order, the acceptance of terms & conditions must be checked in order to proceed. In such situations we forward all the proof to the credit card company of the customer requesting the chargeback all of our company policies, in 100% of the instances we win. Please DO NOT attempt a bogus chargebacks. There will be a $100 Administrative fee assesed to all bogus chargebacks.