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We began operations as Taekwondo Mall in 1996 in the U.S, Europe & Asia, in 2007 we were given Daedo exclusive distribution rights in the U.S.  Hence our adopted name DAEDO USA. A strategic business decision was made to form a partnership with the Lopez family (The first family of Taekwondo in the U.S).  The Daedo U.S market was built by the hard working-efforts of the individuals who were first given “in exclusive” the name Daedo in the U.S.A. 


Most people don’t realize it wasn’t easy to put Daedo on the U.S map and how many sacrifices were made but we did it and in 2008 we had established 18 franchises, in addition Daedo USA provided the images, pictures & massive P.R campaign of Olympic Gold Medalists Steven Lopez and siblings Mark Lopez, Diana Lopez. 

We should also mention that Daedo USA’s CEO paved the way to electronic equipment exclusive contracts with USA Taekwondo and AAU in 2009.

Our philosophy was and still is to offer the finest quality Taekwondo WTF approved products and the widest variety at the lowest price.  This philosophy clashed with Daedo International’s policy of controlling the world taekwondo market by setting high prices and ordering us what to sell a product for (over-price), to whom/by whom and limiting us to sell only one brand. 

In addition we legally had the exclusive to sell the Daedo electronic products in the U.S since 2007 but Daedo International breached the contract in 2008.

As a consequence we are pursuing lawsuits against them for wrong doing.  Overall, we disagreed with their bad business ethics & management dishonesty and decided to become independent Daedo distributors because we believe in the products. This allowed us the freedom to add other brands and lower the prices.  

In 2009, Adidas Taekwondo (Korea) impressed with our performance and customer base followed by granting us the Adidas distributorship in the U.S, in 2010 we became Nike Taekwondo exclusive dealer in the U.S and Italy and Mizuno Taekwondo brand in the U.S and Europe. 

In 2010 we are authorized by Kwon USA & KWON Italy and MOOTO USA as Partner re-sellers.   


Our sales in 2011 exceeded a million dollars!


Today we are the NUMBER ONE website for WTF approved taekwondo products along with the best customer service track record and we like to thank all of our customers for this honor & privilege.